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Our Approach to Green

Have you read a lot about Eco-friendly, Green products and still feel just as confused as you were before you started? What GREEN is all about is being smart and efficient in everything we do.


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Harvest Timber Specialty Products

Architects & Designers seek products and services that help set them apart  with unique distinction, character & affordability.

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Windswept Weathered Wood

Architects & Designers seek products and services that help set them apart
with unique distinction, character & affordability.

Windswept Weathered Wood offers a reclaimed wood appearance with the structural integrity of new wood, yet boasts a wonderful Eco-story and is backed by industry associations. Weathered wood is becoming a popular choice for builders and architects alike – trying to create an antique feel with superior quality. Often referred to as barn woodreclaimed woodaged wood orantiqued wood, our collection of Windswept Weathered Wood products have numerous interior and exterior applications.

Windswept continues to serve as an economic smart-choice, yielding minimal downfall with the full appearance of reclaimed materials at nearly half the investment with a wonderful Eco-story to share.

Experience the ethos of this ‘New-Sustainable’ yet romantic creation offered uniquely by Windswept & Teton West Lumber, Inc.

“Get the reclaimed look you desire at a cost you can comfortably afford”

What others say about us

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Thomas Watkins

I have been a continual customer of Harvest Timber Specialty Products for 26 years, our relationship remains as a principal supplier. Harvest Timber’s products and services are always with the highest integrity and I comfortably recommend them to anyone that has an interest in any affiliated products.

The Windswept Weathered Wood series represents the elite of the elite relevant to authentic appeal, material costs/investment, environmental concerns combined with the warmest of Eco-Stories.

Thomas WatkinsCustom Builder Supply
W.T.Fary Bros.Co.Llc

As the owner of W.T. Fary Bros. Lumber Company in Gloucester, VA, I have been a consistent and satisfied customer of Harvest Timber Specialty Products (HTSP) for over 20 years. During this time span, I have purchased numerous specialty softwood products and consider HTSP to be among our most elite manufacturers/suppliers. I was so impressed with the Windswept Weathered Wood series that I asked to be the Eastern Seaboard stocking distributor for interior product. HTSP is a trusted and valued company maintaining the highest level of integrity; I would recommend HTSP to anyone who values excellent service and quality products such as Windswept Weathered Wood.

W.T.Fary Bros.Co.Llc
Shad Gates

My wife and I greatly appreciated working with Glen Ehrhardt at Harvest Timber Specialty Products. We chose the Windswept – Prairie color siding for our project and were pleased with the authentic barnwood look as well as the prefinished on all side protection and warranty that comes with using this material. We had hoped to use reclaimed wood for our project, but after considering the environmental qualities of this wood, there was no question.

Shad GatesClient